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"Kristen Hosaka’s class was amazing!!! It integrates so much I was doing, but wasn’t exactly sure why! I also learned some new strategies that seriously blew my mind. I am going to watch it again... Feeling very grateful. Thank you Kristen! You’re an extremely talented teacher. And you are changing birth!!!"

- Dr. C.C.

Hi, I’m Kristen Hosaka, DC, CST, SpBAP

The journey began in 2009 when Dr. Kristen Hosaka, Chiropractor, attended her first birth assisting her client through gentle chiropractic care during her labor. She fell in love with all that is birth and has since attended over 200 births and countless labors. 

Her passion is to help balance the pregnant body to create an easier passage for babies Into this world. 

Kristen is also passionate about helping other Chiropractors train to properly adjust women in pregnancy, labor, and birth in order to transform the birthing process.

She strives to make birth better for the dyad to help prevent birth trauma through a "Well Adjusted Birth".